Happy Saturday y’all!

Kenny here. So I know I didn’t post a recap from last weekend, I had a busy week and figured I’d just post it along with this week’s BADWEEKEND. I’m already a day late so let’s jump right into it.

Last weekend kicked off with going to my friend’s house on Friday night. We just drank a bit and played some Rock Band on his Xbox One. It was a sick time and a great start to the weekend.

Saturday was fucking awesome but something really strange happened to me. I’ll get into that in a minute. I started the day by meeting up with some friends from the night before and playing some football. It was a cool way to spend a few hours. After that I went home, showered and kicked it for a bit before I met up with more friends to shoot over to a local hockey game. We grabbed some dinner, jammed a bunch of throwbacks on the way and were super stoked to find out the tickets my friend had were VIP seats and we had our own skybox. It was the first time I’ve ever felt even close to being an important person hahaha. After grabbing a couple beers and parading around gloating out loud about our seats we made our way up to the VIP section. I included some pics below of what the room and seats looked like.


We watched the first period and it was intense. Our local team led 2-1 at the end of it. We stretched our legs and grabbed some more drinks and I got myself a snack. ( we had a server for our room that we could have utilized but she only served party sized portions, and I don’t think any of us were swayed by $79 chicken tenders or $43 SIX packs of bad beer) we got back to our room and half way through the period is when that very strange thing happened to me. To give a bit of background to this, the week prior I was at my aunts house and somehow the topic of being “signed” came up. We use this to describe when something otherworldly or crazy coincidental to be point beyond reasoning happens to you. Well this had never happened to me before and I expressed to my family my hesitation towards believing in anything like that. Whelp, life had some other plans for me. So I’m sitting there watching the game when I feel my phone vibrate. I go to look at the text and it’s from a random number and the text read “did you see that video of the little girl your mom put on Facebook, very cute.” Now, before I call this person out on having the wrong number I go check my moms facebook and to my surprise the second post on her wall is a video of a little girl. I’m like hm, okay, I must know this person then. So I then ask the obvious “who is this?” They then respond with “Ken.” Im like okay, weird, but I know one or two Kens that it could be. I then ask “Ken who?” This next response is what made my heart sink and totally remove any interest I had in the hockey game I was watching. This person says “uncle.” I had an uncle named Kenny, who I was named after, that passed away when I was 8. We were very close and getting past his death was hard as hell to do. I still can’t even begin to describe how I felt the moment I read that. It was like everything around me stopped and I was in some sort of twilight zone. I then texted my family and told them about it and they were also in disbelief. My brother searched this guy’s number and there were a bunch of other minor coincidences too, such as him being from the town that my uncle passed away in. It was all just so weird. Even thinking and writing about it now is giving me chills. But yeah, that pretty much ended my night. I was basically lost in my own head for the rest of the game. I went to a bar after to try  and shake it off but it didn’t work, so I went home and straight to sleep.

Sunday was good. I had flag football practice in the morning and it took my mind off of that whole situation. We ended up scrimmaging against teams that are in the league that we plan on joining. Needless to say,  we got our asses kicked. After that I went home, slumped on my couch for the rest of the day and watched the championship NFL games with my girlfriend and some friends.

All in all it was a great weekend and I really hope all of your’s were just as fun but a little less weird.

Sorry for the lengthy recap, I’ll keep this BADWEEKEND post short and sweet.

I do have a bunch of plans for the rest of the weekend, but I have a few things I want to accomplish.

– Get someone to tag BADSEEDS in graffiti

– Book my first ever video BADSTORY

– Find places to do some volunteer work in my community

These are some harder goals and with limited time, this should be decently challenging. These are 3 things that I’ve been meaning to do to help push the BADSEEDS culture.

That’ll do it for this post. Thanks for reading guys. If you’ve dealt with a situation similar to the one I experienced I’d love to hear about it. As always, we encourage interaction and we’d be stoked to hear about what you did over the weekend!

Catch ya next week.

Fuck the norm.


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