BADWEEKEND 3 & New Song From Half Hearted

Hey guys, happy Friday! Kenny here. Hope you’re all out there gearing up for an action packed weekend. I know I am. Because I have a ton of plans I forgot about this weekend, I’m going to skip the goals and just give a recap next week.

What I do want to talk about here is included in the title of this blog. You may have seen a few months ago that we  partnered with a band called HALF HEARTED. Well, that band just released a new song and video today. It’s called “Too Close For Comfort” and it’s a SICK track. Right now it’s streaming exclusively on a YouTube channel called Dreambound, which I included the link to below. Make sure you check it out and, if you like what you hear pick up some of their new merch. I included the link to that below as well.

“Too Close For Comfort” Video


Thanks for reading guys!  Hope you all have a BADWEEKEND and catch ya next week!

Fuck the norm.


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