Bad Weekend 2 Recap & Sneak Peek of new 2018 gear

Sup everyone!

Kenny back with my second BADWEEKEND recap. I know I’m getting to this 2 days late but I had a bunch of unpredictable things come up. I did manage to get 2 of my 3 goals done this weekend, which I’m pretty pumped about and, like I said last week, I plan on working some more challenging ones in this weekend. So let’s get into the recap.


So my goals for this BADWEEKEND were to:

– do something nice for a random person

– finish ‘Good Omens’ and start another book

– start mocking up some new BADSEEDS gear

For the random act of kindness, I decided to pay for a strangers order at the Dunkin Donuts I go to. I ordered my stuff and when I got to the window I told the girl working to put the next car’s order on me.  I hope they appreciated it and spread that kindness to someone else. I couldn’t exactly get a picture seeing as I went through the drive thru but I promise I did it. Scouts honor.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish ‘Good Omens.’ As I said last Friday, I was super pressed for time over the weekend and didn’t get a chance to finish it. I did however decide what book I want to read next. It’s called “The Devil in the White City” and it’s based on the infamous serial killer Dr. H. H. Holmes who led people to their deaths in what he called his, “Murder Castle”  in Chicago in the 1890’s. I still plan on doing a short review on “Good Omens” when I finish so stay tuned on that.

My last goal was to start on some new BADSEEDS gear. This took a lot of brainstorming at first because I hadn’t really given thought to making new gear recently. But I felt like I needed a new ‘2018’ BADSEEDS line. I have most of it done already, but I’m only going to show 2 for right now.

First up is our “FUCK THE NORM” shirt. I felt like since this is our sort of “tagline,” we needed to make some gear for it. Below is the first draft of the shirt.


Next is the  “BADSEEDS” shirt. Our most popular shirt from last year was the one of the little dude smoking a cigarette and we felt we needed a new version for the new year. Below is what we think will be that design.


We don’t have a set release for these designs yet and as of now, they’re still works in progress. We do know that we’re definitely going to stick with basic designs. We never want our clothes to be the main focus of BADSEEDS. We want the culture and community to come first and we feel if we put our time, money and effort into designing and advertising our clothes then we just become a clothing brand and the whole idea of BADSEEDS gets lost. BADSEEDS wasn’t started to make a profit nor will that ever be the mission. We do, however, have some crazy stuff planned and will still be putting out several waves of new stuff this year.

Thanks for reading guys, hope you have an awesome rest of your week, and I’ll talk to you again on Friday!

Fuck the norm.

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