Bad Weekend 2

Yo yo!

Kenny here. So I’m getting to this a little later than I was hoping to. Most Thursday nights my friends and I go bowling at this local alley and knock back some cheap beer pitchers, so my day got off to a late start today. Unfortunately this weekend is looking pretty shot for me as far as time goes, which sucks for this. I work all night tonight, have to pull a 9 hour shift tomorrow and then Sunday I have flag football practice. Regardless, I’m still going to set some small goals for myself and get ‘em done. Here they are.

– Finish “Good Omens”, and start another book.

– Start designing some new BADSEEDS gear

– Do something nice for a stranger

It’s not much, but it’s stuff I can manage with the limited amount of time I have. Next weekend I’m going to set more challenging goals and really start pushing myself and BADSEEDS. And like I said last time, if anyone wants to share their weekend with us, we’d be super stoked to hear about it. Send some videos/ pictures to and we’ll pop ‘em up on here and hook you up with a little somethin.’

Anway, hope you guys all have a sick weekend. We’ll catch up on Monday!

Fuck the norm. 


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