Hey Collective!

Sam here.

This year’s first BADWEEKEND is coming to a close and I’d like to recap my own. It’s a new year and a lot of people are working on their resolutions, myself among them.

So the first goal I had for this weekend was to lay out some plans. Lofty goals are good, but without a way to get there, they’e just dreams. I have personal and professional goals I want to see come to light, and I wrote them out so I could lay down a game plan. I wanna cook more, spend smarter, connect with my friends, and achieve more with BADSEEDS and my band. I wanna write more, get outside more (well, not in this deep freeze we’ve got in the Northeast, but in general) and keep moving forward. So I took to a coffee shop with a notebook, laid out some plans and set up a system. More on that as we delve further into the new year.

Goal number two for my BADWEEKEND was to cook something I never have before. I love the feeling of enjoying something made with my own two hands, and the sense of accomplishment when you get better and expand your repertoire. So I threw down some Asian-style honey garlic chicken last night. And wow, am I glad I did! It was delicious, I feel good for exploring new territory, and cooking at home saves a few bucks. I’m cool with that.



And finally, in the spirit of the weekend, and to help Kenny achieve one his own BADWEEKEND goals, I went and got rowdy with some good friends. Drank some beers, watched some football, ate some pizza and wings (’cause ya can’t cook every meal) and played some games. Kenny’s got the pictures.

I’m trying to move into this year and make it a big one, but without losing sight of what’s most important: the people I love and the experiences that make life worth living. I want every BADWEEKEND to have it’s own challenges, opportunities for growth, and of course, fun.

Because Fuck the Norm!

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