What’s up everyone, Kenny here. Hope all of your days are off to a good start on this chilly (at least where I am) Friday. Most of you are probably at school or work, daydreaming of the plans you have for the next two days. I sure as hell am.

That’s the reason I’m starting this new installment. Well, that, and the fact that the usual BADSTORIES don’t come in frequent enough to keep this blog healthy.

So here’s how this works. Every Friday I’m going to set a few small goals for myself and BADSEEDS and I’m going to accomplish as many as I can by Sunday night. Every Monday I’ll post a recap of my weekend and let you guys know how many I accomplished. Since this is the first one ever, I’m going to keep it on the simpler side and then as I go I’ll start working some bigger, more challenging ones in. Of course there’s a kicker. In order for any goal to count I need to snap a photo, or take a video, as proof that I did it.

This weekend I want to:

  • Go somewhere I’ve been wanting to go to
  • Pick up a book ( I don’t read nearly as much as I should)
  • Hook somebody up with a free piece of BADSEEDS gear
  • Do something rowdy with my friends

So there it is. A little challenge for myself over the weekend. I encourage anyone out there reading this to do this BADWEEKEND with me. Just set your own personal goals and share with us on Monday how many you got done with some pictures. Anyone who does will get some free goodies from us!


Expect a ton of cool new features and other things coming from BADSEEDS this year. Everything from video content, collabs with other brands, and new product lines to  organizing events and partnering with organizations that will enable us to give back to the community. We can’t give away too much but just trust me when I say, 2018 is going to be HUGE. 

Whelp, that just about does it. Can’t wait to be out of work so I can get this BADWEEKEND started. Oh, and check back because Sam might have another blog for you guys this weekend.

Catch you suckers Monday.

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