Heya Collective!

We’re back again with our friend, concert photographer Peter JT!

Let’s jump into it:

What do you do?

Hi everyone! I’m a concert photographer from Connecticut.  I mostly have worked within the alternative music scene, specifically with metal and hardcore bands. Directing music videos has become more of an interest of mine lately as well. I’ve done a few so far and I’m really starting to get into them.

Beartooth crowd at Warped Tour 2017             (All photos by Peter JT Photography)


What inspires you to do it?

At this point, I am most inspired by getting better. I look back on my older work and remember how proud I was of it at the time, but also cringe comparing it to where I think I am now. I’ve been fortunate to make a lot of great friends along the way, and their support and belief in me is also extremely motivating. I love knowing that there is always so much more to learn with photography and videography. I’m kind of a workaholic so I love that there’s always more to do, and I’m learning that workaholics are common among camera people.  

When I shoot a concert, it isn’t uncommon for me to take at least a thousand photos. Sometimes I’ll take 3000 and keep ten, sometimes I’ll take 700 and keep seventy photos – either way, those few photos that end up edited and posted are extremely rewarding. The rush when you finally get to share your project is so addicting, especially for music videos. I just did one that probably took 50 hours, but I’ve never been more proud of a project before. I can’t say much as of this moment, but it should be coming soon!

Hands Like Houses at Warped Tour 2017


Where do you want it to take you?

Forward, I guess. I’m obsessed with progress- I just want to be better than I was yesterday. I’d love to tour, it’d be cool to get out and see more places and meet more people. I never really planned to end up here, so I’ve given up on planning where I’m going. I’m just trying to have fun and get better, and I’ll end up where I end up.

This whole camera thing started because I really just love concerts and I wanted to find any way to be in them. I learned guitar early in high school and taught myself the basics of that, then got into filming guitar covers of myself playing different songs. Eventually, filming on my iPod camera got old for me and I decided that I was ready to make higher quality videos. I didn’t have the guitar skills to match my confidence, but I had my eyes set on being on stage. Fake it till you make it, right?

So I start making my HD videos, and nobody cares. I had convinced myself that buying a new camera would bring in the viewers I’d longed for- my 16 year old mind at its finest. I refused to accept failure though, I told myself to just put out more videos until people started watching. At the time, I was teaching myself the songs, attempting to track and mix the cover, then filming the cover. I was learning a lot through YouTube and enjoying that. The only problem was that I couldn’t learn songs fast enough to make enough videos to feed my interest in editing. When I was 19, I realized I was more interested in making my videos look good than I was interested in playing guitar. Two years ago, I dove right into my first concert without any photography experience, and then that grew into where I am now.

Thank you to BAD SEEDS for having me on!

Like Moths to Flames

Thanks for the story, Peter!

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