Hey Collective!

Sam here, bringing you the story of Jeff Francisco over at Champagne Grooming. So, without further ado, here we go!

What do you do?

     I am a barber by trade. Yet I would categorize myself as an artist. I like to visualize my life as a canvas where I continue painting my life portrait. This has brought me to dream up my own product line Champagne Grooming.

What inspires you to do it?

     My inspiration comes from within. I have always been curious of why someone accomplishes something or why it is created. I have learned to develop this drive that gets me through the most stressful situations to accomplish my end goals. I love to stare out at a logo or advertisement and try to think why did they choose this color or font and then try to apply their thinking into my own brand.

Where do you want it to take you?

     I see my Grooming brand as the elegant and premium products of the men’s industry. I see it as a household name that will continue to supply men’s bathroom cabinets, barbershops, and soon major retail stores! 

Thanks again to Jeff for submitting!

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