Original art by Kaysee

Hey Collective!

Sam here, bringing you another story. So without further ado, here’s Kaysee!

What do you do?: I’m tattooing right now actually! I’m apprenticing at Sacred Art Tattoo in Seymour and it’s sick. I used to do music for a while which I still do for my own sanity haha but I fell into this since art has always been a side hobby and I’m super thankful to have found my place doing something I enjoy.

What inspires you to do it?: I seriously just love meeting everyone who comes in and experiencing who everyone is. I’ve made so many friends through this already. I always find it really fuckin cool that I left a permanent mark on them and they’ll always remember me? It’s really cliche and lame but it’s my favorite part about it. That, and when people come to me specifically wanting an art style I specialize in like “I love your art and want it on me”, that’s the best feeling ever. 

Where do you want it to take you?: I want to travel dude, I want to take this far enough where I can meet people across the world and make those bonds. I want to improve with my art so much too so I can do intricate pieces people everywhere will be like “jeeze she’s good”. So cool. Everyday is different. 


Thanks for the submission, Kaysee!

Thanks for reading, tune in next week!

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