Bad Story Installment 5: The Change

Hey guys,  Kenny here. I’m the one who created Bad Seeds Collective. When I first had the idea for this, I wanted to establish a community for people like me; the dreamers, artists, and the ‘bad seeds‘ that believe in a different way of life, the ones who say fuck the norm. I wanted to create a place where people can share their stories with others. Throughout our short lifespan, I’ve done my best to start building that community.  I’ve spent hours upon hours talking to people online, talking to my friends and just getting the message of Bad Seeds out to anyone I could. After a few months of this and learning about all these people, that’s when the idea came about for Bad Stories. With the help of my friend Sam, we created this platform for people to share their stories and talk about what their dreams and inspirations are. So far it’s been really cool and has made it feel more like the community I’m trying to build.

The real point of this whole thing is that I no longer want Bad Seeds to be viewed as a clothing line, in fact, that’s never what I wanted in the first place. I never wanted a consumer/supplier relationship with the people who support this. I wanted authentic relationships. I want to know EVERYONE that buys anything or even just clicks on our website every now and again.

So this is where everything changes. We’re still going to put out clothes, in fact, new ones are already on their way. But that’s no longer going to be the main focus. We’re going to spend more time building Bad Seeds into the community we’ve wanted. We’re going to be involved in a lot more than just fashion and blogging. We have so much planned.

With this growth, we’re also going to be needing some more team members. If you’re interested in being part of the Bad Seeds Collective team, send us an email  at and we’ll talk more.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading.

We are Bad Seeds.

Fuck the norm.

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