Hey Collective!

Sam here, coming at you again with another installment of BAD STORIES! We’ve been in the CT music scene with this guy for years and it’s awesome to get his story. His practical philosophy puts an emphasis on planning and hard work, and we have a lot of respect for that. So, without further ado:

First Name: Mike

What do you do?: I am a salesman, a musician, a goal setter, and a thinker. 
I do what people will only go as far as saying “I wish I could” and never attack it head on.

What inspires you to do it?: Many things in life inspire me to do what I do. The biggest one is a phrase I learned years ago. 
“A goal without a plan is a wish.”
This has driven me to push myself and teach myself things that I’ve always wanted to do until I’ve accomplished it. 

I grew up in a house where I was restricted from attacking my goals. Every time I accomplish what I set out to do it inspires me even more to take on the next challenge. 

Never let anybody tell you other wise. They are just the people who never had a plan at all. 

Where do you want it to take you?: I want it to take me as far as I can push myself and even further. 

Everything that I do from this day forward will just accumulate until I reach the next level, but I’ll never let that stop me. 

Even when I’ve reached the next level I only see it as the bottom of another ladder to climb.


There you have it, guys. Failure or success, ambition is just continuing to move forward. Thanks for the story, Mike, you’ve definitely got me thinking.

Tune in next week for our next installment. Don’t forget to submit your own stories here! Wanna just share something cool you did? Send us a picture and a little blurb on how you’re spending your BADSUMMER and we’ll throw you up on our Instagram!

Until next time!

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