Brian playing a show back in the day with our guitarist Jesse and their band Druthers

Hey collective!

Sam here again with another one for you.

Brian’s an old friend of ours here at BADSEEDS and I’ve been excited to share his thought-provoking story ever since he submitted it. So, without further ado:

What do you do?: To me this is a hard question because what I do is always changing and is more built on philosophy. Everything exterior to me will always change. Most importantly, what it comes down to is following your heart and passions. Not letting society shape you. Instead follow that gut feeling inside of you that pushes you to do something. For instance, to travel the world, play music in a band, start a new career, or do whatever the hell it is you want to do BECAUSE you want to do it.

What inspires you to do it?: For one, what inspires me the most is the idea that we are all in control of it. The people that inspire me personally are anyone that steps out of society norms, like anyone involved in the bad seeds movement. Anyone that has the guts to say this is what I want to do, I don’t care what anyone has to say about it and then decides to act on it.
I know it’s kind of tough for people to say these days but I believe there is a god or a great force to this thing we call life and I know it didn’t create everyone to be carbon copies of each other. Some people are made to be bad seeds. To not fit in. So they can share with the world what expression and self awareness is all about.

Where do you want it to take you?: Where I’d like my passions to take me is hopefully to a spot where I am able to find fulfillment in giving. Whether it’s sharing a message of awareness, hope and belief through music, documenting moments through film/photography for people to see and remember the good and accept when things are not as enjoyable or giving back to an industry that made me who I am today. I just hope it helps someone else make better and more fulfilling choices for their lives.

Thanks for the submission, Brian. You made me think differently about what kinds of stories I’d be seeing here.

Thanks again for reading! Tune in next week for the next installment. We’ve got another unique story lined up that you won’t wanna miss! And don’t forget to submit your story for a chance to BE an installment.

Wanna tell us about your BADSUMMER? Send us a picture wearing some BADSEEDS gear and a little blurb about what you’re up to this summer and we’ll put it up on our Instagram!

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