Bad Stories Installment 1 – Intro/Sam’s story

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Welcome to the first ever installment of BADSTORIES! You’re probably wondering what this is exactly. Well, when Kenny founded BADSEEDS, he wanted us to be a collective. I presented the idea of BADSTORIES as a way to connect us to you, and you to eachother. We want to hear about what makes you who you are, whatever that is. Because no matter your story, we’re all BADSEEDS.

Here’s what we need to know if you want to be featured.

What do you do?

What inspires you to do it?

Where do you want to go with it?

Yep that’s it, it’s that simple! What better way to kick this off than sharing my own story?

My bad seed grew in music. I’ve been singing since I could talk. I picked up a guitar at age 11 and my world changed.  I wanted to talk to the kids who created things, I didn’t want to listen to the radio, all I wanted to do anymore was make music with my friends and take it around the world. I didn’t care if I was selling records or giving them away, if I was playing big stages or VFW hall floors, I wanted out of the home-rooted 9-5 life. I wanted to see the world and make some noise on the way, make friends and see things I’d never imagined. Anything else was not an option. It still isn’t.

Now I make music with Kenny. We are The Crooked Sound and we are going to run wherever this thing leads us. We have no time for people who see us as 20- somethings who skipped college and work menial jobs. Those people didn’t see where we were focusing our energies, and they’ve definitely tried to make us question ourselves. They called us the “bad seeds”– and plenty else– because they didn’t see things quite like we do. But playing shows and letting everything go, making clothes and seeing people wear them with a smile, talking and connecting with people out there, this is what feels real. Art brings people together. To everyone out there who loves what they do, who shares that love for what others so, this is what life’s all about.

If that’s bad then I don’t want to be good.

Thanks for reading.

Tune in next week for more. And be sure to tell us how you’re spending your BADSUMMER!

Sam out.

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